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Ask the Right Questions


Last week I was consulting on a job that involved laptop access from home to the company’s accounting system.

The company had just spent over $10,000 on the new accounting software and were not that happy when I advised them that to enable simple ‘work from home’ access they would need to invest in a proper Windows Server.

My client had asked the software salesman if ‘they could use laptops from home at a later stage’, to which the answer was YES. The salesman did not elaborate with ‘but not with your current setup’. The last thing the sales guy wants to do is double his proposed quote and scare off a client. But, It’s not the software sales guys job to spec a forward thinking hardware setup for my client, its not what he’s there to do, so can’t be blamed for not saying anything.

In this case, the right question to ask is “can we use laptops and remote in from home with our current setup?”

Now we are in the process of obtaining server quotes and working out a return on investment for the remote access setup.