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Configure Playstation 3 N.A.T. for online gaming


Today I had a call as a client could not get their Playstation 3 to NAT setting 2 (or 1). It seemed to be stuck on 3. This meant it was increasingly difficult for him to get connected to online hosts to play Modern Warefare 2. After some quick research in the Playstation 3 NAT settings I discovered that it does not like being behind a firewall. Now almost all broadband connections use a ‘router’ which will have a ‘nat based’ firewall (differing from SPI)’. NAT stands for Network Address Translation. Long story short the router (using NAT) allows you to hook up multiple computers, laptops, and other devices to a single internet connection.

The client is with Bigpond Broadband ADSL and has a single socket router, meaning it only has a spot for one pc. Plugged into that they had a Wireless access point, which also featured a built in router. In effect the Playstation was behind two NAT firewalls, the primary ADSL Router and then the DLINK Wireless Router.

I could set up the Bigpond router to work in bridge mode, disabling its routing features and leaving it all to the Dlink, but it’s generally not a good idea to play with factory provided hardware. If we run into a problem with the ADSL connection, Bigpond wont be happy that we have completely changed the default configuration of their ADSL router, hence making telephone support much more difficult.

Best option is to pick up an All in One unit, ADSL2+ modem, router + wireless accesspoint. We ended up putting in a TP Link Modem/Router/G Wifi box for $67 from MSY. 3 Year warranty, Australian 1300 support telephone number for TP Link. (TP Link are China’s largest OEM manufacturer). Went past JB hifi, they want almost $200 for a Belkin or Netgear. I’ve used TP link before and have been happy, another cool feature is the power socket, its a slimline which only takes up one plug space, hooray!

So I gave the Playstation 3 a fixed IP address, set it up with the DMZ, meaning it has full access to the internet without going through the firewall. Now my client is online playing his PS3, with the protection of a firewall for the other computers in the house.