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Laptop or Three


Had a client call up today, needs 3 laptops for work from home duties. So the search begins. There are a couple of options with laptops, either you go ‘home user’ type or ‘business’ type. It really depends on what the laptop will be required to do. In this case the needs are very tame, it will only have to run MYOB over a remote desktop session (terminal services). We could pretty much get away with a netbook here. Low cost, very light, long battery life, although the screen will be limited in size, 10 – 13″. (MSI was a 13″ netbook out, actually so does Acer with the Timeline series. I have used the Acer 3810T, very nice).

Back to the options, Home or Business type. My research has shown me that its pretty hard to get a Next Business Day Onsite Warranty with a ‘Home’ laptop. The importance of a NBD warranty depends on how mission critical the laptop is. If you just cant live without it for any period of time, then get the best warranty option you can. You might have to forgo some bells and whistles, but the business grade laptop will be a better choice. Usually they are stronger and run cooler. I have a Dell Latitude which features a magnesium case, its not pretty, in fact its just plain grey, but its great quality.

There is much more to buying a laptop than the price, in fact that goes for any piece of IT hardware.

On the flip side, if we determine that the laptop is not mission critical, then that opens up the list to a vast array of sub $1000 laptops that can do the job. These will be of a generic ‘throw-away’ variety, and will have a standard 1 year warranty. This option gives a low entry point, and if the laptop is damaged from a non-warranty covered accident, well at least it didn’t cost too much.

Just thinking about this client, this might be the better option. If your going to drop a laptop or have the kids step on it, better to make it a cheap one.