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Ostendo & MYOB File Server Install


I have recently completed working on a specification for a Windows server to run Ostendo and MYOB in a local network & remote access environment.

I put the project out to a few Windows server professionals that I know and they generally came back with the same recommendations. Of which I concur were optimal for this job.

The main purpose of the server it to be a file server for MYOB & Ostendo, both of which are relatively light in terms of processing power requirements. Therefor the server specified for this case was a Dell single Xeon server. We recommended the use of RAID 1 mirroring on SATA drives to keep the costs down but still offer data protection. SAS HDD performance not being required here. A key component in our minds was the Dell 3 Year 24/7 4 Hour onsite warranty. It’s worth every penny as people often don’t realise how important their computers are until they have broken down.

Windows 2008 Standard with terminal services (Remote Desktop Services) is the operating system of choice. Both Ostendo and MYOB should have no issues being installed on it.

There will be 3 people initially wanting remote access to Ostendo & MYOB, allowing them to work from home. Their home internet connections are ADSL, with the remote session client being initiated from a laptop over wireless (Wifi). A VPN might also have been used in this situation but it was deemed to risky as there were too many places for the data stream to drop out. The Wifi connection fromt he laptop being the most vulnerable. Using Remote Desktop offers increased security and reliability as all the processing is performed on the server. Should connectivity be lost from the laptop, the users last screen will stay as is, no data will be lost and the chance of corrupting the databases is gone. The user can begin from where they left off when connectivity is restored.

A final point on this spec was a UPS or Un-interruptable Power Supply. This is a device which offers battery backup and 240v line filtering to the server. This is important to ensure the server does not have ‘hard power offs’ due to power outages. Hard Power Offs do not allow the server to run through its normal shutdown procedure, therefore greatly increasing the chance of corrupting data in MYOB and Ostendo (or Windows Itself).