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Virus Free PC for the Family


Sometimes its hard to secure a computer in the home environment. The family had a Windows computer that the children were constantly & repeatedly infecting with spyware and virus’s. After spending a few hundred dollars getting he pc cleaned they contacted me to find a better solution.

Often in these cases the children are not at fault. They see an advert for something, click it and before they know it, they have initiated a drive by download. Most of this spyware/malware is often installed by the user and since its not a virus, AV software wont stop it. A common one I have seen is emoticon packs for MSN/Live chats. They allow you to use extra smiley face animations and other fun things when you chat. During the process of installing the harmless emoticon packs, other adware/spyware will be installed.

Often resulting in a new toolbar for Internet Explorer, or some ‘wow super special anti virus’ which tells you that your pc is corrupted with 300 serious and critical errors (which it can fix for $29.90).

So we decided an Ubuntu computer would be the way to go. Ubuntu is another operating system like Windows, but built entirely differently, and its Free! The risks of spyware and virus infection are almost zero. It has almost the same functionality as a Windows computer. But it will NOT run Windows software. The online internet experience will be exactly the same, just safer.

There are Office programs out there, such as Open Office (free), which gives users an MS Office like Word processor & spreadsheet.

Linux/Ubuntu is not for everyone, but it does have it’s place, and works great in this sort of situation.