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Entry Level Big Screen Monitors


Bigger is better, not always, but most of the time.

I have had the privilege of sitting in front of two big screens, both Asus brand, a 23 inch VH232 and a 24 inch VH 242. Their retail price points of around $210 and $240 respectively is down the lower end of brand name monitors. But don’t let their low price faze you, these monitors are great!

After using a Samsung 20 inch 204bw widescreen for a long time it was a definite upgrade. The colour representation on the Asus showed how lacking my Samsung monitor was. Images are vivid with high levels of contrast and colour saturation.

These models don’t have adjustable stands, they offer tilt adjustment, but do not swivel or raise/lower. They do have built in speakers which work fine for a basic desktop office environment, speech and music is clear at low volumes, just don’t expect it to crank out your favorite itunes music for a party.

ASUS lcd monitor

The screen refresh rate is low enough (5ms) to be suitable for 3d gaming. Featuring a low gloss screen ensures reflections are kept to a minimum in all lighting conditions. The LCD surround is glossy black which is somewhat annoying when you first set it up, but this is quickly overcome.

The LCD resolution is 1080P  which is full High Definition meaning it could double as a movie screen.

Build quality is fine, the monitors feature a stable base which firmly plants the screen on your desk. The size of the base is not overly large, however the screen is wide and you should check to ensure it fits on your desk.

Now there would be better monitors out there. Looking at a price list, I am sure there are. However this is not a product comparison. The cost versus gain for an entry level monitor like this is very good. Especially when most of us just use Microsoft Office & email all day. Upgrading from an old 17 or 19 inch to a HD 24 inch screen is well worth the $220 odd. If your using Windows 7 then there is addition benefit with the built in ‘split screen’ mouse shortcuts.

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