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Online Backup Solutions


Backups are the most important aspect of any IT endeavor. Computers, new or old, will fail. Hard drives will die. Remember the old adage “There are only three certainties in life, death and taxes”, well it’s time to add “lost files” to it.

It’s not exclusively about hardware failure either. Accidents happen and we save over documents or delete something.

So, I’d been given the task to find a suitable backup solution. It had to be automated, easy to use and reliable. Show in Mozy and Carbonite.

These are two brands of cloud backup solutions. Essentially, your data is backed up to their servers while your happily working away. They feature transparent processes which, once set up, maintain a secure data environment for you.

The great thing about these two services is that they require no user input to proceed and can back up no matter where you are. Often, professionals are on

the road/plane and not docked to their office network.

Services like Mozy & Carbonite can backup over any internet connection, from the free cafe’ wifi hotspot or the hotel broadband connection. These smart tools run quietly in the background and do not impede on your internet usage by flooding your internet link.

Some care must be taken if you pay for upload data, especially if your backing up large amounts of files. Both can be scheduled to run or can run once a file has changed. Importantly they can also backup your Outlook email file.

Carbonite has a ipad/ipod & web application allowing you to view files remotely via their website. Mozy has a free for personal use, 2Gb backup service. Both services have a business oriented management portal for multi user environments.

Backups are transmitted and stored using a secure encryption method protecting you from watching eyes.

Carbonite plans start at $54.95 USD for 12 months – unlimited data.

Carbonite Pro begins at $20 USD per month for 10 Gb of data.

Mozy plans start at $4.95 USD per month.