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Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible Netbook


This very soon to be released netbook really has me excited. It’s a tablet pc, its a netbook with a keyboard. It features a unique swivel screen design allowing it to instantly transform.

It should be released in the USA during early December at a price of USD$549. No word when it will make it to Australia, but I doubt it will be much later. (providing stocks hold up)

The base model will feature a dual-core Intel Atom N550 processor, 2GB of RAM, a Broadcom Crystal HD graphics, 250GB of storage, and Windows 7 Home Premium.

The little tablet pc is now already available from the Microsoft online store with the speaker dock an additional $49 when purchased together.

Check out the Dell TV advert on YouTube.

Dell Inspiron Duo
ipad alternative? not really

Is it a nifty alternative to the Apple iPad? Well that depends on intended usage. The Duo does not have access to thousands of low priced apps like the iPad, nor does it feature a smooth action complete finger touch user interface.

What the Duo does give you is a netbook which can be switched into a nice little tablet that has quick access icons to movies, music and the internet. The JBL speaker doc gives it a bonus feature of being a mobile multi user media device. Since it runs Windows 7 it will tie in seamlessly with windows home groups and file sharing environments.

It will run the gamut of standard home user and business tasks such as document creation using Microsoft Office (word, excel, outlook, etc) without any issue, but keep in mind this is a netbook.

The preliminary ‘hands-on’ reviews are describing the touch interface as sluggish, however these are early testing devices and improvements may have been made by the time it gets to market. So for now, schools still on out this one.