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Small Business Laptop – Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14


Lenovo have been the mainstay of corporate mobile computing systems for years now with their rock solid build quality and corporate focussed design. But now comes the Edge.

The Thinkpad Edge range of Lenovo laptops bring a sparkle to the otherwise visually uninspired lineup of hardware with its optional red cover and twinkling red LED for the ‘i’ in Thinkpad.

The Edge is a solid, well built business machine that has been given a very slight makeover to increase its appeal in the consumer world.

At 14 inches the non-glossy screen is a delight to use under lights and offers ample viewing space for webpages, documents & accounting applications. I like the 14 inch screen as opposed to the smaller 13.3″ or too large 15.6″. The size offers a happy medium between desktop use and portability.

Although the size is only 14″ it should be noted that the Edge is not an ultraportable with its weight starting at around 2.3kg, which by all accounts is very reasonable for this type of laptop.

The keyboard is excellent, offering the outstanding Thinkpad tactile response to keystrokes. The Edge 14 offers a dual input solution for cursor control with both a TrackPoint controller (see the red dot in the keyboard pictured above) and a touch pad, allowing you to choose  the most comfortable method.

Hardware support options are excellent with a 3 Year next business day on-site warranty available for a very good price. This means a fast hassle free fix should any issues occur.

The laptop comes standard with Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit. When purchasing at the Lenovo online store you can option to have it delivered with Win 7 Pro 64bit , Office 2010 and Norton Internet Security pre-installed. Some great value can be achieved by purchasing as a bundle through Lenovo. Shipping is prompt and tracking details are supplied.

Without getting overly detailed the tech specs are ample for small business use. It will have no problems running Office, MYOB or even Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. It’s important to note this laptop does not have a numeric keypad, which would make it a lot easier to enter numbers into MYOB or Excel.

The base model ships with an Intel i3, 4Gb RAM, 250GB Hard Disk, DVD Burner and 6 cell battery for just $649 inc gst.

As an all round laptop, the Edge 14 is a great option. Lenovo quality, good tech specs and small business friendly pricing means you should consider this laptop.

Check out more details at Lenovo Online

Alternatives: HP 4520s

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