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File Sharing with 3rd Parties: FTP Alternatives


Yesterdays project was to find a suitable way for a client to share documents with both internal and external parties. Email is not an option here, and really shouldn’t be used for file sharing, not only does it fill up mailbox storage, revisions are hard to track.

We have around 5Gb of documents to share, hundreds if not thousands of documents, including docs, PDF’s and images.

The old way to do this would be via FTP server ┬ábut I’m looking for a more modern method, where I dont have to allow 3rd party access to my clients servers.

A quick Google search for enterprise file sharing solutions brings many results with a couple of clear market leaders. Research into these services show they are both reliable and secure (very important). Although they seem to be identical services there are differences when delving down into their specifics.

These services offer many benefits over FTP such as version revisions, commenting and collaboration. Easy to use interfaces for uploading files and setting user permissions.