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Dell Inspiron 23″ All In One – Great computer for the family at home


Summary: All in One – No big ugly box or cable mess & Can be used as a TV!

Over the weekend a friend stopped by and asked me to come with him to buy a new computer. It was time to get rid of that old noisy Pentium he was running but his usage really hadn’t changed. Essentially we are looking for a computer to surf the net and play some games on.

I’ve long been a fan of All In One computers where the entire computer is housed in the monitor, meaning no big box under the desk. iMac have this market cornered in terms of design, they are beautiful, elegant pieces of art but we are looking for Windows based machine. In a nutshell, they are all pretty ugly. Dell Insprion 23

Based on technical specifications and price we picked up a Dell Inspiron 23 inch All In One with a Touchscreen for around $1200. 20% off the retail price, nice.

23″ is a great size, it looks big initially, but you rapidly get used to the dimensions. The touch interface is mostly a gimmick but will be more usefull when Windows 8 comes out as it features Live Tiles, like Windows Phone 7. It’s a gloss screen which means its reflective althought the colour representation is great. For a home environment where there isnt banks of lighting overhead, it shouldnt be an issue.

With everything built into the monitor the only cable we have to plug in is power. The keyboard and mouse are wireless.

This dell has some great technical specs:

  • Intel Core i5 – 4 GB RAM – 1Tb hard drive
  • HD Led Screen (1920 x 1080)
  • DVD Recorder + Card Reader
  • ATI Radeon HD 5470 1GB (graphics card for gaming)
  • TV Tuner – Digital –> BONUS! This thing can be used as a TV!
windows 8 live tiles
Upcoming Windows 8 Live Tiles Touch Interface

That last point is a real winner for my friend. This computer is going into a study/second sitting area and the TV feature will come in very handy. The system comes with a Windows Media Center remote which allows you to control the computer just like a TV. You can also record your favourite tv shows for viewing later.

Overall Im pretty happy with this Dell. Excellent value for money at @ $1200, OK value at its full RRP of $1498.