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FIXED: IPAD Wifi Drop Outs


So after months and months I have finally fixed my iPAD wifi connectivity issue. The answer is: Don’t use channel 1.

I know, its pretty simple right? You would think so.

From the day I got home with my IPAD it was behaving badly with my wifi connection. Laptops worked with no issue, but  my brand new $700 Apple iToy was having wifi problems showing the following symptoms:

  • terrible wifi range and reception
  • asking for the wifi password regularly
  • wifi freezing and pausing -> this one was most annoying. My wifi indicator would show a connected state, but no data would transfer. Other wifi devices would be OK, just not the iPad.

A quick ‘turning it off and on again’ would fix the wifi problem, only to have it reoccur minutes later. The actual time was totally random, from seconds to hours.

My first Wifi Router was a Belkin Pre N, which had run my wifi network admirably for years. Then tried a Netgear DG834. Then a Billion. Then a Belkin Surf N. Now back to another Billion. Through all those router changes I left the channel on number 1. This was done on purpose as I live in a wifi heavy area with almost all the other access points between channels 6 and 12. To get as far from them as possible, I used 1.

It wasn’t until a recent router reset where I left the router on its default channel of 6 by accident, later discovering that the iPAD had magically become wifi stable!

Part of problem solving is changing everything possible to find the culprit, but who would have thought the ipad would have a channel 1 problem? Plus in my defence, I did have a very valid reason for staying on 1.

Now this might not work for you, but if you are having these problems, and are on channel 1, give it a go. Mine has been working happily now for 2 months, so my issue was definitely the channel.

Update: This pausing, freezing symptom actually affected all my i devices, my iPhone 3gs, iPad & iPod Touch. And yes I did try all the other fixes and guides on the net, like setting a fixed IP address and adjusting the brightness.