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Flying Solo Post: Simple File Sharing between Home and Office


My latest Flying Solo Forum post answering the following question from AgentMail regarding file sharing between Home and the Office.

“So as part of the move to our new office (from the spare room ) we will have two desktop computers in the office, and then two laptops at home. I wanted to check that it is possible to establish a simple network using windows network wizard without needing any special equipment. I want to be able to create a network drive where documents can be stored and shared, and if possible also store files for things like MYOB etc. as well.

Is it as simple as this, and can my laptops still get in on the action, as they will be on a different IP address. I am not very technically astute, and the google how to guides make it seem too simple.”

My Response:

What you want is Log Me In Hamachi VPN @ $254 per year.

You basically install the little app onto each computer to join the VPN and its done! It bypasses routers and most firewalls, negating VPN IP issues. LogMeIn is secure and well respected.

Simply set up a share on one of your computers (the best one). Plug in a USB drive & run daily backup’s to it. Have a couple of these drives and take them offsite, rotating them weekly.

Windows 7 has a great backup and restore interface built in. If your using XP, try something like Acronis True Image Home @ $99. It’s a set and forget type application which will image your entire computers drive, or just files you select.

This option would cost $99 for Acronis + 2 x WD Elements Desktop @ $65 each. Total $164.

As mentioned previously you will need to keep the file serving computer on all the time for remote access.

There are NAS boxes that are internet accessible, such as the QNAP TS 210 @ $261 + 2x HDD @$55 each + you will still need offsite backup drives @ $65 for USB HDD = $436

Qnap has MyCloudNAS is a service which allows you to connect to your NAS remotely from anywhere.

This NAS has dual drives which can be set in RAID 1 mirror, this is not a backup, it only protects against single drive failure. If drv 1 corrupts it will instantly clone corruption to Drv2. Also if NAS gets stolen or hardware fails, its all gone, hence offsite usb drive needed. Pulling a drive from the RAID 1 array as previously suggested is NOT a good idea.

Added: FYI Myob over VPN will be a terrible experience. MYOB barely likes working over a local network. To do this, you will have to remote desktop into the computer where the MYOB data file lives.