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XERO : Positive 3 Month Review


It’s been around 3 months since I first started using XERO for my accounting.  During the course of those 3 months I have been using XERO regularly without any glitches, bugs or faults. It’s been fast and reliable and most importantly hasn’t lost any invoices.

Using XERO has been an exciting departure from the traditional accounting methods. I very much dislike accounting, hence why I’m in IT. But XERO makes it fast and fun. It’s almost like posting on FaceBook, with a sleek and smooth user interface, free from HTML rendering glitches.

My XERO highlights:

  • Web Interface: Being web based allows me to create invoices from anywhere. Sometimes I create the invoice while still onsite and utilise the instant email delivery.
  • Importing bank statements: I was originally going to sign up for a bank feed, but importing bank statements is to easy it’s become a non issue. I thought I had sent the bank feed authority letter, it’s been a while, maybe I never did send it.
  • iPad App: Although my daily use tablet is a HP Touchpad, I do also have an iPad and the XERO app is great. Ipads are the tablet of choice so it’s great that XERO have a highly functional app built for it.
  • Faith: As George Michael said “We gotta have faith”. We gotta have faith that XERO will still be there in the morning. This is a concern with all cloud based services and not specific to XERO. Many IT service providers have come and gone, some taking all their clients data with them. I really would like a way to export my data into a MYOB/Quicken file, or something for local backup. Just incase.  That said, I do have faith. XERO has given me no reason to doubt their service continuity. Infact with each Twitter post they strengthen it. The more they talk to me, the more I feel reassured they will be there tomorrow.

To wrap it up, So far, So good. Check them out at www.xero.com.au