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The Top 3 Benefits Of Sending Your Servers to the Cloud


Holding all of your mission critical business information in on-site servers can be expensive and far from efficient. In an economy where businesses need to learn how to accomplish more with fewer resources, onsite servers are starting to become obsolete. Instead, businesses like yours are turning to off site data centers to house their business data.

1. Service Levels Will Increase

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Service outages on your server can severely impact your bottom line. To be competitive in a changing market, your business needs to be able to serve more clients in less time. An on-site server farm requires resources that should be allocated towards the core business processes and moves them onto what are essentially just administrative expenses. Switching to an off-site data center managed by a third party allows someone else to worry about these problems so your business can stay focused on its mission, increase productivity, and satisfy all levels of stakeholders.

2. Expert Level Knowledge Of New Technologies

If you’re a manager who often works with technical staff, you’re likely aware that these workers often feel overworked and burdened with an excess of administrative duties. When time needs to be spent on administrative duties related to an on-site server farm, there is less time available to research new technologies that could make a positive impact on your core business.

An off-site data center is managed by experts whose core business is ensuring that the data servers are performing at maximum capacity and also updated to reflect changes in the market place. You will benefit from professionals who research how to make data centers perform more efficiently so that your current staff can focus on growth-related technology, not just administrative functions.

3. Cut IT Staff Expenditures

Switching to a data center model versus an on-site server farm can reduce your total expenses on IT staff. As your business grows, it’s inevitable that you will have to hire more IT professionals to manage your servers if you stick with the on-site model. A switch to an off-site data center shifts the burden of IT staffing to the data center management company. Once again, you’ll be able to shift your staffing budgets to prospects who can have a direct effect on your core business to help in future growth and expansion.

Depending on an on-site server farm and professionals to manage it drains resources that could be placed elsewhere for your business. An off-site data center can be an effective solution for you if you’re looking to serve more clients and grow as well as benefit from the latest technologies and cost savings associated with less IT staff.