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New Ways of Delivering Computer Support


It wasn’t that long ago where I was spending most of my days driving all over Adelaide delivering on site computer tech support. Sometimes this meant more travel time than actual on site computer support time with the client. Adelaide traffic is not that hectic, but come school pick up time the roads became congested and any support jobs after 3 o’clock always meant a frustrating stop and go travel experience. Often I would use this time to make phone calls, following up on completed IT support tasks or just keeping in contact with clients to make sure all was well.

Part of our company focus is to provide fast on site computer support, this is what we do and we do it well. We enjoy a great rapport with our clients but the economics of spending an hour round trip in the car for a 15 minute onsite were proving difficult to manage. This is the downside of the on site support call, the delay in resolution. As we focus mainly on IT Support for small business our clients generally want the problem fixed as soon as possible, allowing them to get back to work. Enter remote computer support.

Remote Computer Support

While there is nothing like sitting in front of a computer the advent of new remote tools have made providing computer support over the internet fast and easy. These computer support and rescue tools allow us to directly access computers even behind network firewalls. The end user can be anywhere, as long as they have internet connectivity.

Remote computer support software has been around for a while, however it usually involved installing a client agent which would talk back to a central server. This works great for those clients who opt to set up the remote access initially, but what about those that didn’t? VNCwas the tool of choice and setting this up was far from a click-and-play process.

Remote Computer Support via Log Me In
Remote Computer Support via Log Me In

As cloud computing became widespread remote computer support tools started becoming web based, accessible through any internet browser. Instead of having a dedicated VNC server, we could snap deploy an agent to a client via email or direct them to a website. This opened up a whole new way of providing fast and manageable IT support for clients around the world. The modern remote access tools are easy to use, for both us and client, and provide large amounts of feedback on the computer system. We are able to view all the system details including CPU usage, processes and disk/network IO throughput (and much more). This allows us a gain a quick snapshot view of the system and identify the problem within seconds. With remote support fixing a computer can take a few minutes compared to hours if it was booked for an onsite support job.

Remote support tools allow us to provide fast, efficient IT support to our clients no matter where they travel.

A couple free remote computer access tools:

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