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HP Elitepad – The Windows Tablet That Means Business


HP have just released the details on the 2013 Elitepad. A Windows 8 tablet / slate device with a serious focus on serious business. From the looks of the press release this is not a half baked attempt to entice corporate and enterprise users with an “it’ll do” attitude.

How the Elitepad Means Business

The Elitepad has been designed from the ground up to provide users a similar experience to a premium fully fledged laptop. HP have looked at the short comings of other market players and brought about a King of the Hill type device.

[box title=”Details From the Presser” color=”#333333″][list style=”star”]

  • 10.1 inch  CNC Machined Aluminium, 9.2mm thin.
  • HP ElitePad Productivity Jacket—HP are going further than the Microsoft Surface, not only offering a keyboard but connectivity ports, SD card reader and adjustable viewing angles for a complete computing experience.
  • HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket—adds USB, HDMI and other connectivity to get more done on the go. Adds even longer battery life when bundled with the optional HP ElitePad Jacket battery. The USB port is a welcome addition, enabling you to plug in any number of USB devices from 3/4G internet dongle to a printer or scanner. The HDMI port will be very useful for those who deliver presentations via projector or simply plugged into a large screen to watch movies.
  • The HP ElitePad Rugged Case—this case provides military-grade reliability and protection which enhances the stylish profile of the ElitePad. Powerful, highly portable devices like the Elitepad often make it into the most unlikely of places, deep in mines for example.
  • HP ElitePad Docking Station—delivers an enterprise-class desktop experience with an added keyboard and monitor and also charges the tablet. Or, use it to set the tablet up as a secondary screen for phenomenal multitasking.
  • HP Executive Tablet Pen—this lets you write messages and notes by handwriting directly onto screen. Then save or convert to typed text for use in other applications like Word. I have found it far less intrusive to handwrite on a table than take notes with a keyboard. I actually still use a notepad and pen.


The less exciting details are the 2GB Ram and upto 64GB of solid state memory. These are pretty standard and will offer a smooth and fast Windows 8 experience. The real bonus with the Elitepad has been the investment HP has made to the additions and accessories. These turn a simple slate into a hand held device capable of almost any office task.HP ELitepad with keyboard

One really great feature is the warranty support.

[quote style=”1″]The HP ElitePad is fully serviceable with an optional, industry-unique service tool for HP Self-Maintainers that allows customers to access the panel, battery, motherboard and unibody chassis, helping reduce downtime and keep sensitive data and devices in-house.[/quote]

This basically means we (IT guys) can deploy it as a primary device without fear of extended service downtime. I am really excited about the Elitepad. This device along with the MS Surface means I will have a couple of real options to offer clients looking for a work-oriented slate. Being a Windows device it will slip easily into any MS based office environment delivering security and ease of management.

The HP Elitepad is due out in the US early 2013. There has been some talk about it being offered only via Enterprise channels however the US press release refers to it being “in stores 2013”.

HP Elitepad Press Release