Our IT Services in Detail

Adelaide Based IT Services

IT Advocate provides  IT Services & Support across the Adelaide metro area from our Norwood Offices.  The helpdesk offers extended hours direct-call access as clients often work outside of regular business hours.

Adelaide IT Support is delivered with prompt on-site service throughout the metropolitan area. Remote access technology is used for clients beyond reasonable reach or where immediate service is required.

On-Site Service

Delivering  on-site IT support to the greater Adelaide metropolitan area with extended hour same day response objectives for issues requiring immediate attention.

Servers, Computers and Network Equipment

We offer business grade servers, laptops and desktop workstations from the industry leading brands with network hardware from brands like Cisco & Netgear. Professional installation services with ‘best practice’ deployments a main focus of our service. Contact us for a site specification or quote 8121 3030.   read more…

We Build Websites!

We make your website a  highly effective marketing tool. Our websites are unique and social media integrated, offering your business increased exposure. From the on-page content to the search engine optimisation, we do it all!

General Computer Maintenance

With regular use computers can become sluggish and feel less than responsive. Normally this happens slowly over time, almost transparent to the user until it reaches a point of frustration. If your feeling like something ‘just isn’t right’ with your pc or server it may need an IT Advocate IT service.

Managed IT Services

For a fixed monthly fee, priced per computer or server, we take care of all aspects of business continuity. With the use of remote monitoring we keep an expert eye on all your systems 24 hours a day. Fixing glitches before they become problems affecting your business. Managed IT Support Services allows you to budget in fixed IT expenses no matter how often you call for help.

Virus & Spyware Removal

While anti virus software does provide a level of protection, malware will eventually get through. Be it from a ‘drive-by-download’, email attachment or zero day exploit and some point most users will experience a potential virus infection. If you notice random popup adverts, extra tool bars on your browser or strange critical system errors, chances are you have a virus. Don’t panic, run a backup, then call us for an IT service.

Software Installation & Repair

If you have an application that likes to crash, just when you need it most, your not alone. Application crashes are common and can be caused by corrupted files, virus infections or incompatibility with other software.

Upgrading software can introduce new features and benefits. Sometimes it can also introduce new problems. If your unsure about an upgrade path let us know, we’ll help you make better IT decisions.

Backup Zip DriveBack Ups and Verification

It’s extremely important that you have regular backups. It’s also important to know that it’s only a backup if its been verified and tested. Depending on the type of backup we attempt to restore the data and ensure it’s valid, not corrupt. Just because the email notification says it’s successful, does not mean the backup tape is not full of jargon.